The Petting Zoo

The short film I have written and directed, THE PETTING ZOO, is now finished. It’s a ghost tale about five friends who go to the woods on Halloween and get lost in a local legend. I had invaluable help from the hugely talented Jonathan Zaurin and was lucky to work with a brilliant team of actors and collaborators.

Read Anton Bitel’s review.


Duration: 15 mins

Year: 2023

Writer-director: Virginie Sélavy

Director of Photography: Jonathan Zaurin

Editor: Jonathan Zaurin

Producers: Virginie Sélavy, Jonathan Zaurin

CAST (in order of appearance):

Alannah: Naomi Dale Reidy

Jay: Mikey JL Coombes

Rhys: Pete Bird

Julie: Amanda Vincent-Perkins

Luke: Joseph Nurse

The Bride: Ayvianna Snow

The Ringmistress: Clova Perez-Corral

The Girl: Keomi Dudek-Heathman

The Madman: James E. Taylor

The Monk: Brendan Hollywood

Pub drinkers: Phill Lister, Chris Haywood, Ryan Jordan

Original music by K. M. Joshi

Sound: Ryan Jordan

Make-up and special effects: Ben Errington

Masks: Brendan Hollywood and Virginie Sélavy

Turnip carving: Pete Bird, Joseph Nurse, Phill Lister, Brendan Hollywood

Title design by Sam Oakley

Poster by Archibald Mark

Special thanks to:

Sarah Zaurin, Phill Lister, Brendan Hollywood, Archibald Mark, Suzy Gau, Sam Oakley, Andy Prosser, Isobel Williams, Daryl Rogers, John Harrington, Clova Perez-Corral, Matt and Caroline Heathman, Amanda Schiff, Jeremy Page.

Filmed at Nover Wood, Fownhope, and The Cornewall Arms, Clodock.

A Bloofer Lady Production

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